What We Do

We do what is best for your company and employees

Fulfilling all the process from leaving the origin country to be completely set down in the local community

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Work Permit

We deal with authorities, consulates and other institutions to get employee’s work permits and all they need before landing in Spain.


We will organize and coordinate the moving from the country of origin to Málaga. In addition, we will provide temporary accommodation for her/him and her/his family, transfers from the airport and welcome packs.


We will provide information about all Málaga areas and we will recommend what we think is best according to your employee taste, needs and family situation. We will provide different renting options and assist with the tenantry contract.


To become a new Málaga citizen we will get your employees registered at the city census. They will have access to the National Health Insurance System, Schools and many other services.

Consulate Registration

As an expatriate, it will be important for them to be registered at their origin country consulate. We will take care of all the procedures and deal with the administration and paperwork.

Health Care

We will get them their national insurance number and card to have access to any public health care center or hospital in the country. We will also assist in recommending and subscribing a private health care plan if wished.


Our tax department will prepare your employee annual tax return and any other tax statement required. When leaving Spain we will prepare all the documentation needed to claim your taxes from your origin country.

Legal Services

We will take care of any legal issue or need you may have from a company or employee perspective. Our law firm partner, Welllaw, has a long background on working from Malaga at an international level.

Real Estate

If any of your executives want to buy a property, we can assist on the search, legal requirements and property purchase procedure. We have contact with many real estate agencies and individuals in the area.


We will provide different school and university options for their children and we will take care of the application and enrolment process. We are permanently in touch with most of the public, private and international schools in Malaga area.


To make their feel at home, we will assist your executives to get to know the city, the culture and his/her community. We can provide religious community contact, Spanish Language Schools and private tutors or any other local activity.

Personal Assistance

We offer tailored solutions for individual needs, from personal shopping to plan a trip or make a tour in Málaga. We can also plan and organize weddings, baptisms or any other event.